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Nas Daily loves Singapore more than Singaporeans


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Why can't we let others enjoy Singapore without complaining?

Where else would a travelling vlogger receive criticism by locals for admiring a country? Singapore, of course.

Nuseir Yassin, the man behind the Nas Daily Facebook page, is well-known for his series of one-minute videos that feature unique or underrepresented individuals and communities around the world. He is positively received, with 7.9 million followers on Facebook

In his recent visit to Singapore, Nas uploaded daily videos of his adventures around Singapore, many of which depicting the positive aspects of the country. While these videos were well-received, there were a handful of Singaporeans who, unsurprisingly, started to complain about the amount of praise Nas had for their homeland. 

Nas Daily's videos mainly feature the positive aspects of the countries he visits. 

It's not every day you see our little red dot being glorified on a global scale, so it's understandable why Singaporeans possibly felt overwhelmed by the utopia that Nas presented Singapore to be.

The first video Nas posted in Singapore was titled Why I Hate Singapore, expressing his awe at how a country state can accomplish as much as Singapore has in 53 years. 

In total, he uploaded 12 videos showcasing our city-state. The more notable ones feature our eco-friendly landfill, water cleaning system, and Changi Airport, which in Nas' opinion is the world's best airport. 

Nas also took the effort to debunk the myth of the Crazy Rich Asians in Singapore, responding to the movie which incidentally debuted that week.

Things took an embarrassing turn, as Nas started uploading consecutive videos putting Singapore in the limelight, when Singaporeans themselves could not help but suspect that Nas was sponsored by the government. 

Many felt that his videos were sponsored by the government or Singapore Tourism Board. 

Many also doubted the credibility of his videos in portraying a true representation of Singapore, stating that he was glossing over the pressing problems plaguing the island country. 

Some pointed out the downsides of living in Singapore like the high cost of living. 

Poor Nas had to clarify these allegations which had upset him, as it "discredits his work".

Nuseir explains that his choice to showcase Singapore's admirable qualities was entirely his own. 

My dear fellow citizens, just because we cannot appreciate our country, we should not deny others the ability to. 

If these comments were said of a Singapore-made video, it probably wouldn't come as a surprise. We acknowledge our trait of complaining and skepticism. 

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's appearance in Nas Daily's most recent video increased suspicions that he may have been sponsored, which Nas denies. 

But Nas Daily is an international platform. Foreigners may be awestruck by the mechanisms of the country through his videos, but how would they perceive its people if we continuously caution outsiders that our government glorifies our country to the world while ugly truths are swept under the carpet? 

It seems we have forgotten that people are Singapore's most valuable resources; Our netizens are the lens through which foreigners would judge this country. 

 "If you don't think something is worth celebrating just because of your political orientation, then it reflects badly on you, because you can't see beyond politics," said Nas as he bid goodbye to fans in Singapore. 

Our views are a direct reflection of the kind of people we are. What we think about the world says more about ourselves than about our surroundings.

Our country gave Nas an amazing impression. But the nasty remarks are the ones that will leave a mark on him forever.