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Discovering my young & W!LD side

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A young theatre-maker tells us what it's like to stage her first play.

Outside of school drama clubs and CCAs, it hasn't been easy to find opportunities to indulge my love and passion for theatre and writing.

That's one of the main reasons I signed up for the theatre training programme, young & W!LD, a year ago. I wanted to find a platform through which I could work on and learn about theatre and art with people my own age.

Since then, I've learnt a lot: from writing, directing and performing in our first invitation-only showcase, When S#!T Hits The Fam, through to the hard work we're now doing on Crossings – our debut public performance.

The process of creating Crossings, in particular, has really challenged me as an artist. Every single one of us had to get out of our comfort zones – to really be willing to try all kinds of abstract, wacky things while we were devising the show.

I vividly recall the weirdest ways in which we figured out some of our scenes. We went from sumo wrestling and war chants to clown charades and pretending to make pasta. 

And yet, this was how we came across our "Eureka!" moments – when we hit upon something that worked well and that we wanted to pursue further.


During that devising process, we came up with so many ideas and we shot down a lot too. But it was definitely in that process of polishing and strengthening our ideas that we had the most satisfying and amusing moments of working with one another.

The final result is a double-bill of original plays – you get two wacky stories for the price of one! Half of my young & W!LD gang is working on a play called The Mother, The Son and the Holy Ghost, which examines the themes of filial piety, unwantedness and justice.


I've been focused more on the second play, Arbitrio, which addresses heavy topics of adultery, choices and fate. There are more than a few scenes in this play that I hope will leave you feeling amused and intrigued – but also, if we do our job right, bewildered and a little shaken up!

What has this entire crazy, rewarding process been like?

I can safely say that my past year with young & W!LD has been, well, a wild one. I've learnt different techniques, different styles and also different ways of thinking. I've learnt how to listen and see everything from a different point of view, even if I must flip myself upside down to do that.

I've even learnt to balance school work (I'm studying social sciences at Singapore Management University) with script-writing – pulling through it thanks to midnight oil and Red Bull.

All in all, I feel that joining young & W!LD has done a good job in adding fuel to my fire for drama. 

I hope to eventually be able to break out and start my own theatre group to raise awareness about the importance, professionalism and art of theatre, while doing what I do best – entertain!

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