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Campus spy network update!

Another update on the campus spy network!

Campus spy roundup
Another fortnight has flown by, and it’s time once more for a campus spy roundup! It’s the end of
the holidays, and it’s nice to see our spies have been keeping busy, feeding us with a healthy amount
of new entries.
First up, Boon May shares with us her very colourful mind maps. Personally, I find mind maps
confusing. All those lines and words everywhere, it just gives me a headache and strangely makes
me want to play Pac-man. If you too are confounded by mind maps, fret not! I have deciphered
them for you: Inside that multi-coloured mess is the MEANING OF LIFE. (No, not really.)
Next is Anisah with the Pre-U seminar she attended over the holidays. Lots of pictures in this one,
and she’s open to questions about how it went! So go comment if you have any questions!
Kok Hui has two entries for us this time, the first being a short note on the perks of studying alone
and with a group, and another on how to make some spare bucks during your free time in school.
Darren has entered a lament on his lack of free time now that his internship and FYP are coming up.
If you delight in schadenfreude, you may head to his post and laugh heartily at his troubles. Or, you
can be nice and post some nice words of encouragement!
Enrique has been busy these past two weeks, submitting three whole posts about going back to
school and being healthy. I suppose they might be interesting reads if you’re heading back to school
and have absolutely no idea what to do.
Kanika has found some time to spare for us from India, and share with us some ‘news’ about a
certain shortage of prophylactics on campus. Hmm.
Pherenice, in her second post, shows off her new hairstyle! (I think.)
Last but not least, Sonal (who is also in India) mulls over leaving home for school yet again.
That’s it for this time, and it looks like a whole bunch of spies will be starting new semesters pretty
soon. Look forward to more entries from these guys!