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Five TikTok dances you can pick up easily with these tutorials


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Get your body moving and fill your time at home by learning these groovy and trending TikTok dances.

Even if you live under a rock, I'm sure you've seen at least one video of a person showing off his or her dance moves on the popular social media platform TikTok.

It's an easy way to have fun and get your body moving, especially if you are choosing to stay at home to avoid the Phase 2 crowds outside. 

Nevertheless, learning a dance is easier said than done - even for TikTok. 

So if you're looking for dance choreographies or tutorials that are easy to follow, check out TikTok Tuesdays on Cr8StudioSG - a partnership between the National Youth Council (NYC) and Creative Nation Singapore. 

Every Tuesday, professional dance instructors or dancers will dance tutorials of trending TikTok dance challenges. And they're all taught by professional dancers! 

Here are five TikTok dance tutorials from Cr8StudioSG you can try with your friends and family! 

Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa with Chelsea Monteiro 

If you do not know 'Don't Stop Now' from Dua Lipa's latest album, then you probably aren't using TikTok enough because this song definitely showed up on everyone's For You page countless times. 

Don't worry, though. Legacy Dance Co.'s Chelsea Monteiro will ensure that you know the steps to the dance with this tutorial. 

Even if you have no dance background, you can pick this up in no time! This song is groovy, easy and the choreography doesn't require a huge space to do. All you need is your phone or laptop and you can start right away! 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Luis M Cervantes with Winny Yap 

I'm sure we all know Cyndi Lauper's breakthrough hit 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun', or at least its iconic chorus, that gained recognition for being a female empowerment song. 

Looking for an upbeat choreography? Try out Luis M Cervantes' choreography taught by Winny Yap as she teaches you step by step how to dance this fun and energetic piece! 

Let's Get Loud by Brian Esperon with Sharmane Tan 

Here's another powerhouse option, choreographed by Brian Esperon. 

Bust out some new moves to this catchy tune as Sharmane Tan leads you through the steps of the iconic TikTok dance 'Let's Get Loud', sung by Jennifer Lopez. 

Intentions by Justin Bieber with Beatrix Tay 

Have you listened to Justin's Bieber's latest hit 'Intentions'? 

Well, you can join Beatrix Tay and listen to the song on repeat while she teaches her original choreography to the pop song's groovy beat. 

You'll soon master it and like the lyrics, you're "picture-perfect, you don't need no filter". 

Like That by Madi Monroe with Athena Sng 

This choreography, originally choreographed by Madi Moneroe, encompasses edgy movements, with a tinge of cheekiness, as Athena Sng adds in a few of her own moves and quirky expressions. 

Dance instructor Athena Sng breaks the Like That TikTok dance challenge step by step - so you will find it easy to follow it on your own! 

If you're a first timer, don't be afraid to try because we've all gotta start somewhere, right? Take a shot at learning these TikTok dances and improve your social media game. Who knows, you might even become the next TikTok star! 


Feeling bored at home? Hop on to Cr8studiosg to watch chat shows, stand-up comedy and music performances! Or visit MehGoWhere.SG for more resources or things to do!