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Five circuit breaker-friendly activities for Mother's Day



From handmade coupon books to virtual museum tours, here are five activities you can try with your mom!

Heads up, Mother's Day is right around the corner! 

If you've been feeling lost about what else you can do to celebrate this special day, here are five circuit breaker-friendly Mother's Day activities you can do at home

1. Relax and unwind with a movie night 

Let your mom take over the TV remote control on Mother's Day. 

Having a movie night is a classic family bonding activity which doesn't require a lot of effort. Let your mom pick a movie for the night and grab some snacks to munch on during the movie. 

If you aren't subscribed to a movie streaming service, you can try out Netflix's free trial period and enjoy a movie from its huge selection! 

Need some family movie suggestions? Check out some suggestions for Netflix shows you can binge watch at home. 

2. Make her breakfast in bed 

Take over breakfast duty this weekend. 

If your mom has been waking up early to prepare breakfast for the family, let her sleep in and prepare her breakfast instead. 

Even if you aren't able to cook up a feast for her, just a simple breakfast like toast and coffee would be enough to show your appreciation for your mother. 

Head here for easy breakfast recipes you can make for your mom and the whole family. 

3. Go on a virtual museum tour from your couch 

Virtual tours for museums around the world are available online. 

Going to a museum would definitely make a fun activity to celebrate Mother's Day. Since we still can head out, why not take your mom on a virtual museum tour instead? 

Many museums around the world are offering online exhibits on their websites, such as The Broad in Los Angeles. The museum is currently exhibiting Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's work. You can take a tour around her famous 'Infinite Mirrored Room' here

Check out this list for other online exhibits of museums you can visit around the world! 

4. Make a Mother's Day coupon book 

Make a coupon book specially for your mom. 

If you can't get your hands on gift vouchers during this period, a Mother's Day coupon book would be a fun idea that's useful for your mother. 

You can make all kinds of things for the coupons, including housekeeping tasks and even a coffee date with your mom. Your mom can even use the coupons to tell you to help out with house chores! 

You can view some printable coupon books here

5. Play some family-friendly games 

Try not to get too competitive with your family while playing board games. 

Before the era of online games, most of us would pull out board games to keep ourselves entertained. Play some board games like Monopoly to relive some nostalgic memories with your mother. 

Besides board games, you can also print out some bingo sheets to play with your mother. Make your own bingo cards of different themes online and see who gets a bingo first! 

Even though this year's Mother's Day celebrations may be different from past years', there's no doubt that it can be just as special as you spend quality time at home together. 


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