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June school holidays will be May holidays in 2020



Instead of extending home-based learning, the June school holidays will be brought forward to cover the extended circuit breaker.

Good news for the students (and some parents and teachers) who prefer school over home-based learning. 

Instead of extending home-based learning (HBL) for another month, MOE has decided to bring forward the June holidays to May, so students can get an actual break during this circuit breaker. 

The announcement was made by Education Minister Ong Ye Kung on Facebook on Apr 21, after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong addressed the nation to say that circuit breaker measures were being extended to Jun 1

Minister Ong said: "HBL is a fall back when schools are suspended; it cannot be a prolonged substitute for school. 

"It is better to let everyone have a break from this intense period. MOE will therefore bring forward the June holidays to start from 5 May. It will then cover the entire extended circuit breaker until 1 Jun 2020." 

While this comes as a relief to students who struggle with the challenges of HBL, it also means there will be other adjustments further down the academic year. 

As schools are set to open after the circuit breaker ends in June, this means Term 3 will be an especially long Term of three and a half months. Thankfully, there will be an additional one-week holiday from Jul 20 to 26, and adjustments to the examinable syllabus. 

Minister Ong said: "The additional break of one week will reduce curriculum teaching time. As it is, the pace of HBL tends to be slower than classroom teaching. "We will therefore also make certain topics commonly taught by all schools at the end of the academic year be non-examinable. Some of these topics are pie charts and volume for PSLE Maths, Organic chemistry and vectors for 'O' level Chemistry and Maths respectively." 

It's been a day of difficult news , but at least our schools are aware of the challenges students are facing, and are helping to make things easier. 

Even Minister Ong had a word of sympathy for students before he signed off: "And to all our students, I am very sorry, but bubble tea shops will be closed..." 


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