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Discover folk tales and secrets of Singapore from the comfort of your home



Pass the time with your family this circuit breaker by 'exploring' different parts of Singapore's history without leaving home.

Running out of things to do during this (extended) circuit breaker? 

The National Heritage Board has put together a variety of online activities to literally take #SGCultureAnywhere. 

Grab your family members and reminisce stories of what Singapore used to be like with these six nostalgic heritage activities online! 

1. Discover a trail of hidden gems within Orchard Road 

Stroll through Orchard Road and learn some of its secrets and history. 

If you're aching to get out of the house, try taking a virtual walk through Orchard Road and learn about its lesser known stories. 

Although widely recognised as one of Singapore's shopping hotspots, it actually holds a lot of history within its streets. 

Did you know the stream called 'Stamford Canal' used to be where Indian washermen would wash their clothes? They would also dry their laundry on nearby grass patches. 

Hear more stories about Orchard Road and other trails in Singapore here

2. 'Walk' across Singapore's bridges of growth and development 

Take a digital walk across Singapore's bridges and learn about their interesting histories. 

Miss roaming the streets and visiting places like the Singapore River with your friends? 

Check out a documentary of the Cavenagh, Anderson and Elgin bridges with Faces of the Past: The Singapore River Bridges

These iconic bridges were collectively gazetted as Singapore's 73rd National Monument for each representing a period of Singapore's growth. 

Bridge the gap between your family and explore history and heritage together! 

3. Learn how traditional bread is made 

Learn how to make some of Singapore's iconic traditional delights as chefs share their secret recipes. 

Here is a nostalgic option for your emo nights, or days. 

Heritage in Episodes offers you two seasons (a total of 15 episodes), of stories about Singapore's traditional heritage trades. 

Find out how traditional bread is made, or learn about one of Singapore's most popular and long-standing Nasi Padang stalls. 

I personally liked "A Knife and Scissors Sharpener" because I felt like I was watching a swordsmith at work, or "Kiddy Rides in Singapore", which brought back countless childhood memories of those after-school rides. 

4. Shadow a paintings conservator for a day 

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what a paintings conservator does or how artefacts are taken care of outside the museum. 

Curious about how Singapore's National Gallery maintains their beautiful paintings like the 'National Language Class (1959)' by Chua Mia Tee or 'Drying Salted Fish (1978)' by Cheong Soo Pieng? 

Follow paintings conservator, Filzah, and conservation scientist, Lynn, as they carefully tend to the Singapore's National Collection paintings in this three-part mini-series

It could add some colour to your circuit breaker stay-home schedule. 

5. Explore museums with your younger siblings 

Stimulate your younger siblings' imagination and creativity through role-play. 

Are you tired of having to entertain your younger siblings during home-based learning? 

Choose a job for them in the Heritage Explorer's Programme and leave them to complete tasks, like being a designer creating their ideal museum exhibition! Once they finish, they can submit the "homework" to

This not only gives you some me-time, but also gives them a chance to redeem exclusive Heritage Explorers badges once museums reopen! 

6. Stir up some nostalgia within your grandparents 

Want to talk to your elders but not sure how to approach them? Take a look at this starter kit and bring up some stories of olden day Singapore with your family! 

Have you ever sat in awkward silence with your grandparents because you struggled to find a topic to strike up a conversation? Then this Conversation Starter Kit is what you need! 

Split across two series, Places and Lifestyle, it contains a selection of 40 images of buildings, landmarks, scenes, objects and questions for you to reminisce about olden-day Singapore with your elders. 

Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two about Singapore's history along the way! 

And it does not have to stop there! Continue the fun and exploration within the four walls of your home with the other refreshing picks lined up at


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