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Singaporean youths react to the upcoming General Election 2020



Some will be heading to the polls for their first time on Jul 10.

Singapore's General Election will be held on Jul 10 this year. Parliament has been dissolved and Nomination Day will be on Jun 30. 

In his address to the nation on Jun 23, PM Lee explained how the upcoming election will be "like no other we have experienced". 

To ensure voter safety, additional precautions will be taken, such as setting up additional polling stations. 

While candidates can still go house to house for campaigning, physical rallies will not be allowed. Online rallies can continue through live-streaming. 

Youth.SG spoke to a few youths to find out what they thought about the upcoming General Election

Excited to vote in such unprecedented times 

"I'm particularly excited because it's my first time voting, moreover, in such unprecedented times! I'm looking forward to watching political rallies on my television from home. 

"As I enter my final year in university and adulthood looms before me, I am starting to understand the weight of my vote and the importance of being an educated voter. 

"Young people may be known to notoriously neglect the significance of voting at elections, but I believe that the voice of the youth is an important and decisive one. 

"The election is a platform for us to make our voices heard, so if I want to see a positive change, I have to turn up for a better future." - Caris Chua, 22, Undergraduate 

Not very surprised at the announcement 

"All the news leading up to today has been pointing towards an election. Even the opposition parties have been announcing their candidates and where they're contesting. 

"It's gonna be my first time voting. I'm excited as it's an opportunity for me to make a difference in Singapore's future. 

"However, I'm quite hesitant because I think it's still a little too soon after the circuit breaker. We haven't really seen the effects of Phase 2 yet and whether there will be a resurgence of cases. I would have liked for the election to be held a little later, so we can be sure that it's safer." - Brendan Cheok, 21, Student 


Singaporeans will head to the polls on a Friday, Jul 10, which will be a public holiday. 

Looking forward to election debates 

"This was always coming and it was obvious. For me, we don't know when COVID-19 will end, so there has to come a time when the elections must happen. 

"What will really be important is if the organisers ensure voters' safety with extra preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus. 

"Otherwise, I am looking forward to all the debates and usual election topics!" - Mohd Farhan, 27, Freelance editor 

Feel like the election is happening too soon 

"I honestly think it is too soon as we are not very sure whether the number of community cases will rise considering that Phase 2 started only a few days ago. 

"Having the elections would mean having more people crowding at a certain place and who knows what might happen. Even though there may be different approaches and precautions taken to deal with the current situation, I'm pretty sure crowds will still form. 

"I understand that this election is also necessary since the current term ends next April but I still feel Jul 10 is too soon." - Phyllys Yeo, 22, Student 

Will take precautions when heading to the polls 

"I didn't expect the elections to come so soon though I knew it would be in the next couple of months. It's my first time voting and I don't know what to expect, so it would be a new experience. 

"As much as the pandemic is still a large issue on hand, the elections will still have to happen. I would've preferred the elections to happen later in the year but understand why this needs to carry on. 

"I will try to poll at a non peak hour such that there will be minimal contact with members of the public and of course, wear a mask!" - Elkan Hon, 21, Student 


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