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Five things we may forget to do after staying home for two months


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After being in isolation for so long, some of us may forget how to socialise with others or dress appropriately for work.

After two months of staying home, we are finally welcoming Phase 2. Life is slowly but surely returning to normalcy. 

For one, staying home for so long has made me forgo my morning routine, even though it was once an essential part of my day. Meanwhile, some of my friends worry they'll forget how to get to the office. 

From interacting with friends to resuming early morning routines, here are five things we may forget to do once we step out of the house during Phase 2. 

1. How to socialise or physically interact with other humans 

We will be able to meet our friends during Phase 2, but social gatherings are limited to a maximum of five people at a time.

For the last two months, we have become accustomed to communicating online via social media platforms, video calls and messaging apps. Some may have fallen out of touch with their social circles while others have been thriving in online socialisation. 

I'll low-key miss being able to hide behind my phone screen as I feel less pressured to respond (immediately). But I do miss meeting and embracing my loved ones in person. 

My worry is that after being at home for so long, by the time I meet fellow humans face to face again, I might turn into a socially-awkward potato. 

We'll probably start with our custom "squeal while running to each other" greeting but then what do I do or say? I can't exactly hug them so do we bump our shoulders instead? 

But I'm sure I'll at least remember how to articulate my thoughts… right? 

2. How to dress appropriately in public 

Despite the 20 pieces of clothing in my closet, I still find myself screaming: "I have nothing to wear!" 

My fashion sense has been nothing but consistent during this stay home period. Every day, I simply wear the same style of T-shirts and shorts and I'm ready for work! 

But if and when I start reporting back to the office, I'm gonna spend almost every evening worrying about my outfit for the next day again. Picking an outfit that is professional yet comfortable takes more time than expected. 

On the bright side, after forgetting where my wallet was at one point during circuit breaker, I can soon put it to good use once I'm out of the house. It also gives me another reason to justify my shopping habits. 

I know a couple of friends who have been stocking up on a few outfits while waiting for Phase 2 to commence, and I honestly cannot wait to see both them and their marvellous outfits. 

3. How to wake up earlier and resume a morning routine 

I will miss rolling out of bed and being ready for work in under 20 minutes. 

As we start to enter Phase 2, some of us may need to return to our schools or workplaces. 

This also means having to wake up earlier to factor in travelling time and a morning routine to "start the day". Students who travel across Singapore for school will also have to adjust their sleep schedules. 

While working from home, I take about 20 minutes to get out of bed, wash up and wake my brain up for work. If I was summoned to the office right now, I know I'll be struggling to fix my body schedule. 

4. How to travel to and fro 

As a self-declared directionally challenged individual, travelling can be a burden. 

After staying home for so long, some of us may have forgotten how long it takes to travel from one place to another. 

What bus do I take to get to school? What time should I leave the house in case the bus is late? Should I wake up and leave earlier if the MRT is too crowded, making it hard for me to practise social distancing? 

Thankfully, Google Maps has saved me from having to muster up the courage and ask for directions, especially when the place is supposedly "easy to find". 

5. How it feels like to be "bored" 

For some of us, circuit breaker was the forceful break or rest stop we didn't know we needed. 

When the circuit breaker first began, some of us rejoiced at being able to take a break and stay at home while others were appalled by this "forced quarantine". 

However, my schedule will soon be filled with work meetings and meet-ups with friends to catch up for lost time. The only time I'll probably have to feel "bored" is when I'm travelling between places or during meal times. Needless to say, I will miss this luxury of feeling utterly "bored". 

But just like how we have adapted to working and living from home, I'm certain we'll be able to adapt swiftly this time as well. Until we have safely reached Phase 3, let's please continue observing health and safety measures. 

Stay safe and vigilant! 


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