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KAPOW x Washified.

Earlier this week, I found myself in one of the most dreamy and whimsical places I’ve visited in awhile.
It was magic, magic masked in tape.
The entire gallery was covered in patterned and colored tape.

Of course, with THAT much tape and not just any tape but washi tape, it was the MT exhibition!!!
The ceiling, the floor, the furniture, everything was washified. 

Washi tape is basically tape made of paper comes in an extensive assortment of designs, catering to children and adults.
There are various widths and washi tape can be used in a whole range of ways!
Scrapbooking, wrapping, sprucing your gadgets up or taping everything just cause you can.

Anyhow, at the exhibition, we were greeted by a wall of floating paper balls, intricately wrapped in tape of a wide variety of colors and patterns.
The paper balls were very much like the ones we used to play with as kids but the tape gave it a whole new lease of life.
It made me wish I had such well detailed and well designed toys as a child.

The exhibition displayed how washi tape can be used, anywhere and everywhere, with samples of everyday items,
from cups and teapots to metronomes and xylophones wrapped in tape. 

There were rolls of tape lying around the wee huts so everyone was free to slap on some washi tape on the furniture.
There can never be too much washi tape!

One of the highlights of the exhibitions - The DIY portion.
There was a whole lot of washi tape generously spread between two tables where the public is free to washify any of their items.
We spotted people taping notebooks, pens, even laptops!

Being at the exhibition and soaking up the whole washi tape phenomenon, we had to washify something for ourselves.
My friend, Nat, whipped out a torch light she had with her while I, with nothing I could washify on hand, took out my camera battery to tape. 

There was a lack of scissors and I lacked the patience so I ended up with a half heartedly taped battery while Nat on the other hand!

I got myself a roll of tape and went home to tape up my phone.
 Yes, because there is a shortage of Blackberry covers and well, because... Hedgehogs (!!!!!!) 

With the right tools, I actually found the whole taping process really therapeutic.
So pssst... If you want to use the whole range of washi tape available at the exhibition itself, you might wanna bring a pair of scissors.
Just sayin’.

I eventually went back to the exhibition to get myself more tape and a few rolls to tape my friend’s bike.
Maybe I’ll share it when it’s done!

Limited editions series are available!
If you’re into crafts or just love looking at patterned and really pretty things,
I suggest making a trip down to the MT exhibition located at ION Art Gallery, level four. 
Be quick cause the exhibition ends on the 11th of August!

Tape away!
Don’t be afraid to mix & match.

// K A P O W //