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Dont believe everything mainstream media is saying

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its been awhile since i visit this, and i have to get this out, majority of banks, worldbanks, mainstream media are controlled by certain group of people. when certain leader dont follow their "world order" they are being portray as evil and inhuman, however most leaders of those countries are probably doing what they need to protect their own people. be careful of the news you read even from mainstream, always find out both side of stories, dont let mainstream media brainwash you to think that.. for example, north korea leader is evil and blah blah blah, where in fact the true tyrant are the "world police", invade and push over so many tyrants for their own interest, be it weapon sales for their own group of people or country, countries such as afganistan, iraq, and even syria

back in the past, countries such Vietnam, this has been an undeclared war that started off small, and escalated in fits and starts into a major conflict. they trying to "invade" north korea now, nuclear weapons is self defence weapons to deter the west. Kim wont want to die like how sadamn and more fell in the the hand of the west. oh not forgetting how ideology also split countries such as korea into two. and one more thing, would china want US to park their base in a unified US countrolled korea? nope.

its a chaotic world we live in, if u want to go japan and even south korea better go soon, so does US and more. with one extra push of buttons and some of these countries will be wiped off the surface of the earth.

and with the certain leaders in power in the west, where all of them are equally crazy. 

spend more time with your love ones, prepare rations and know where the shelters are. 

live each day as if its your last